Miss Sylvia Lam 林思為小姐

Miss Sylvia Lam graduated from the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney in year 2000. She has been practicing in Hong Kong in the past 12 years and her areas of expertise include diabetes, weight management, cardiac rehabilitation, and diet management for people with metabolic syndrome such as hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Currently, she is a private practice dietitian in Pro -Cardio Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Centre in Hong Kong. She is an honorary lecturer in nutrition courses a many recognized institutions in Hong Kong. In addition, she regularly provides nutrition education and advices to the general public through multiple media channels such as newspaper articles, and television and radio programs. She has been the Chairperson of HKDA since 2007 and has recently taken up the position of the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Dietitians Statutory Registration Taskforce. Her other work includes publishing around 10 nutrition recipe books focusing on dietetic management of diabetes, cholesterol lowering diet strategies, weight management, low calorie diet, vegetarian diet and more.