Miss Priscilla Yee-hung Poon 潘綺紅小姐

Miss Priscilla Poon is the Cluster Co-ordinator in NTWC (Physiotherapy)/ Department Manager (Physiotherapy) of Tuen Mun Hospital. She has been the President of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association since 2009. She attained her post-graduate training in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and spinal manipulation and functional capacity evaluation. She has various poster and oral presentations on sports injury, fracture rehabilitation, functional evaluation for post-surgical back pain patients and management model for patients suffering from low back pain. In addition, she has recently adopted the state-of-the-art treatment strategies of early screening of patients with significant psychosocial factors and application of Cognitive Behavioural-based Approach in subsequent management for those with significant psychosocial yellow-flags. Furthermore, she has collaborated with the orthopaedic surgeons to improve the pre- & post-operative rehabilitative care for patients with spinal surgeries.